Financial Matters

Financial Orders deal with the financial side of your divorce/civil partnership dissolution. There are various Court Orders a Court can make, however, the basic ones are as follows

1. Spousal Maintenance Order – A spouse may be entitled to maintenance in their own right. Generally spousal maintenance orders cease on the spouse’s remarriage, death, cohabitation or further order from the court.

2. Lump Sum – Payment of a capital sum of specified money from one party to the other.

3. Transfer of Property Orders – This financial order normally deals with the transfer of the matrimonial home from one party to the other.

4. Pension Orders – A pension attachment order or a pension sharing order are normally the main types of pension orders applied by the court.

If you have reached an amiable agreement with your husband/wife/partner that is in the best interests of both parties and in particular your children, the Horsham Family Lawyers can draft your financial order (Consent Order). Please call us on 01403 255993 or complete your details in the box on this page and we will call you back

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